Self Assassination

by Crossingpoint

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released December 7, 2008



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Crossingpoint Durban, South Africa

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Track Name: Snakes in our Laps
Our thoughts have run dry and these words are not our own
With broken crowns and stolen time, we believe their lies
That’s wrapped in purple robs

So get off your high horse 'cos, its way too high
and this fall is a fall
That's planned, computerized and ignored

Up in arms to our feet
Won't become a plastic population
The melody of a conscious generation

Wipe that look off our face
Re-adjust our compulsive thoughts
Tune in, Tune out, drop in
Read in-between the lines and think for ourselves,
what we've come to believe is heresy,
heresy on man-kinds reality

So lay it down with in ourselves lay down
And walk tall to be you (fear has gone fear has left)
Walk tall to be you

Force fed, drowned out by the digital sounds to the explosion of our abilities,

Set our selves free on eagles wings
from false humanity,
make a way that's never been paved
lets draw a line,
with crystals of thought bathed in hope,
showered across every nation.
Let’s cease what we have
That's the sound of chariots.
Set ourselves free upon eagles wings
We're still awake and we're still breathing
pressing forward adding names
It's all over our faces enough is enough
Let our actions speak much louder than our words
The uniqueness that we all claim must be kept alive fully functioning and never bound.
Let this be let this be everything we've needed it to be
We are conscious we are moving on to beat of our true tune

Let this be let this be everything we've needed it to be